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Keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving With Gamer Traditions



There’s been a lot of buzz and humbug about this Thanksgiving early store openings, on a day that is normally reserved for spending time with family. It is the one holiday that no matter your religion, can be easily celebrated and appreciated. It’s a day of thanks. It’s the one day out of the year, when everyone is reminded to take a look around and be thankful for the things that they have in their life.

Yet now it seems, Thanksgiving has turned into nothing more than an anticipation to shop, and find deals.

One of the biggest shopping craze was when the Furby was first introduced, and a must have item back in 1998. People were literally trampling each other over this creepy toy. And I say creepy because I swear the one we owned as a kid was possessed. It was later returned to prevent future nightmares. Of course this toy has returned to the store shelves by Hasbro in 2012.

New version of Furby in 2012

Prior to this was the Tickle Me Elmo doll, that made its debut in 1996.  Like the Furby doll, there were stampedes of people trudging through store isles, to get their hands on this little battery operated toy.

It was years in the making, but now stores are creeping into Thanksgiving to squeeze in even more deals. With such successful online businesses such as Amazon.com, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, why are we still obsessed with needing the stores to be open for extra sales?

Why can’t we eat Turkey, take a little Thanksgiving nap, maybe watch a movie or play some video games with our family, and if we absolutely have to, go online and search for a few bargains?

So then there’s two sides to this story.


One side says, “You should be happy with your job, and put up with it. Think of our military, the nurses, and those unemployed who would be glad to have a job.”

Let’s explore that for a minute.  And really, it is a great point.

The problem with this thinking is that, everyone should already know that if they have a job, there will be times one will miss out on events with friends and families in order to keep the job. That’s the reality check right there. Everyone knows that could be part of the job. Retail employees, having to work over a holiday is not news to anyone.  It’s guaranteed, and in a way a part of growing up.

Imagine your first job, and the first time in your life needing to spend it at work stocking shelves instead of at home with family.

I’ve worked retail for about 4 years, and know exactly what it means to work on the 4th of July or Christmas Eve.

Our military, those in the medical professions, or those stuck at a convenience store just so that the gas stations can be open over the holidays are the people holding the fort so to speak while others can enjoy the holidays. It’s sad to miss someone over the holidays because of this, and hopefully that next year those people can rotate and get to spend it with their families.

But walking out on your job, won’t really look good on a resume for the future employers, just over being mad about one day. If a person walks out because they are upset over one day of work they don’t want to be there, then maybe they weren’t a good employee to have.  Really, I don’t support people walking out on their job over one day.

At the same time, do they have a point?


The other side says, “Save Thanksgiving. Boycott shopping that day.”

Thanksgiving has always been a day I got to spend with my family.   It seems as if more people use to be able to spend it with their families back then, than they do now. When I was younger, I remember my cousins coming over to visit and renting the Nintendo for Thanksgiving weekend.

We would play Super Mario Bros. and The Little Mermaid after the big meal. It was really the only time in my life I remember bonding with my cousins, before we got older and didn’t see each other anymore.

I’m sure many of you out there have some sort of memory of Thanksgiving time with your family, perhaps playing Mario Kart 64, or working your way through the original Halo campaign with your siblings.

Thanksgiving isn’t all about video games, but the gamer community is strong.

Many of us have fond memories of the holidays, that are often attached to a video game. What was the first video game you got for Christmas? What was the one game you always could convince your dad to play with you? Which game did you marathon over the holiday breaks?

Since gamers are a huge voice in a consumer standpoint, I think we should try to keep Thanksgiving as sacred as we can.


We can help keep Thanksgiving sacred by doing what we do best, stay home and play games with the ones we love.

All this madness of boycotting, walking out of your job, the critics stating they should be happy to have a job, and all the stampedes and pepper spray has become not only frightening and chaotic, but pathetic and depressing for us as a society.

We should all stay home, if we can, and make memories with each other.  And if it’s possible, make a few gaming memories while we are at it.  And now, with all the online capabilities, we can log on to PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, the Wii U, or our PCs it is easier than ever, even if you can’t be with everyone you want to be with over the holidays.

The deals will still be there tomorrow.

If an item sells out, you can be sure it will be reproduced.

I remember a time where we had only a couple of hours to get to the grocery store before they closed over the holidays.  Now, the stores are opening just to sell us $4 toasters and bargain DVDs?

I think we as a society need a reality check. Of course there will always be people working over the holidays. One might say, “Well my husband is gone over Thanksgiving because he’s in the military and can’t be with us, so you retail employees should shut up.”

But that is the very reason why we all should be staying away from the stores that day.

We should all be able to appreciate the time with our families, if we are blessed with that opportunity. We should be honoring those that have to work that day, to keep this country moving forward, by spending it together with laughter, bonding, and building memories, not attacking each other and acting like lunatics over deals.

I appreciate my employer for keeping Thanksgiving sacred, and allowing us to spend it with our families, and I wish everyone that opportunity as well.

Gamers, let’s spend Thanksgiving day doing what we do best. Pack up your consoles and take it to the family Thanksgiving, log on and enter some online matchmaking with your brother who couldn’t make it this year, teach your little niece how to play for the very first time, or load a game of Super Smash Bros.

Build some new memories with each other.

For those of you who have to work, thank you.

I don’t think people are begging for Thanksgiving day off just so they can go shopping. They want to spend it with their families. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who got the day off, honor those who couldn’t, by staying home with your families.


What are you thankful for, this Thanksgiving?

What is one of your most fond holiday gaming memories you have?



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