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GO Critic is a small staff of writers who focus on their interests and blog-like posts vs news headlines.  Everything we write has to do with what we are currently playing or what we are most interested in at the time of writing.


Owner / Editor in Chief

Julie W

Playing games since the Sega Master System and Atari, Julie has a love for games of all kinds; although her main focus in gaming is RPGs, RTS, and simulation. If she’s not writing or playing a video game, Julie is baking nerdy cakes, playing piano, or working on art projects. She is also writes science fiction and fantasy and has a bachelor’s in Mass Communications and Advertising.

Twitter: @jwen84 Email: juliew [at] go-critic.com Website: jmwenzel.com


Co-Owner / Managing Editor

Sean M

Sean started out his gaming career with the original NES, and has been stomping on heads and slaying dragons ever since. His interests include mostly RPG’s and first-person shooters as well as collecting retro games and cosplaying. Currently buried under a backlog mountain. Also a writer and reviewer for Diehard GameFAN.

Twitter: @dhgfmadson Email: seanmadson [at] hotmail.com



Staff Writers

Senior Staff Writer

Jarrett G

A game enthusiast since he could walk, Jarrett prides himself on his deep attraction to Japanese beat-em ups, and his god-like Bushido Blade talents. He provides insightful reviews from experienced eyes out of the deep darkness of South Jersey.

Email: greenjarrett [at] gmail.com

Staff Writer

Chris L

Self-proclaimed “Savior of Hyrule” and video game journalist/mercenary. Chris spends his time writing for Go Critic, Destructoid, and anyone else who will let him share his opinions. His specialties are JRPGs, Survival Horror, and anything Nintendo.

Twitter: @MagitekNiGHT  Email: lagechj [at] gmail.com

Staff Writer

Jared Prewitt

An aspiring writer/novelist that expresses passion for the craft by reviewing various titles in the Anime universe and the Gaming world. Always open for feedback and conversation about anything…and I mean anything. His quirky personality adds to his charm, but maintains his professional demeanor through his writing style.






Jack Treese III

Twitter: @jacktreese Email: jacktreese2 [at] gmail.com