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Second Quest – Crowd Funding Pick



It’s been awhile since I found a crowd funding project that truly excited me. Sure there were high profile Kickstarter projects going on over the last month. I followed a couple Indiegogo projects, and cheered them on. But, it wasn’t until I saw Second Quest pop up on Kickstarter that I saw something that captured my heart and really struck me as something everyone needed to know about.

Second Quest is projected to be a comic book, or more precisely, a graphic novella. Initially, it all started with a lengthy, and worth while essay called, “Saving Zelda” by Tevis Thompson. If you ever felt there was something missing in the recent Zelda games, I highly suggest you read this essay. Or, even if you love every Zelda and find no fault in them, I still think you should hop over and check it out.

If you can’t read the essay because of your short attention span, (because this is a very long essay) then here is a short snippet I pulled from it:

“Modern Zeldas do not offer worlds. They offer elaborate contraptions reskinned with a nature theme, a giant nest of interconnected locks. A lock is not only something opened with a silver key. A grapple point is a lock; a hookshot is the key. A cracked rock wall is a lock; a bomb is the key. That wondrous array of items you collect is little more than a building manager’s jangly keyring.

Almost everything in Zelda has a discrete purpose, a tedious teleology. When it all snaps into place, some call this good design. I call it brittle, overdetermined, pale. It’s the work of a singleminded god, a world bled of wonder.”

Source and copyright: Saving Zelda by Tevis Thompson.


Teamed up with Tevis Thompson is David Hellman, the artist for the game Braid.

The artwork is full of mystery to be discovered. Each inch is worth viewing, with a story element to be told within. You may also notice some resemblance of characters you may know of, such as Zelda herself. At the same time, the images are unique in their own right.


The Kickstarter page states:

“Second Quest is a comic for those who love videogames but want more compelling worlds and a sense of real discovery. Zelda fans will enjoy familiar motifs turned upside-down, but you don’t have to know Zelda to enjoy our story. It’s for anyone who’s felt the pull of distant landscapes and longed to explore a world full of mystery.”


Backers who spend $35 are offered the official print, hardcover color copy of Second Quest.

This project truly excites me. It’s not just because I’m into video games, or played a Zelda game or two, it’s because I can feel the passion and heart spilling out of this project.

I look forward to each and every illustrated page by David Hellman, accompanied by the well written fiction writer, Tevis Thompson.


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