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MonkeyPaw Games PSOne Classics To Be Playable on Vita


It’s always nice to see more games get PlayStation Vita support. After all, the console has some great hardware and specs, but has a little problem receiving enough attention to be a best seller out there in the world of consoles. I admit, the Vita is a slick piece of hardware even if it doesn’t have a huge game lineup.

However, a nice list of games will soon appear on the Vita.

MonkeyPaw Games announced 5 of their titles that will be compatible with the PlayStation Vita tomorrow after the version 1.80 update tomorrow, August 28th 2012.

These titles include: Alundra, Vanguard Bandits, Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad II, and Tomba!

More titles, that will be compatible with the Vita are to be announced soon.  It should be a pretty nice list of games, so Vita owners, keep a look out for more to come!

These titles aren’t new by any means, as they are PlayStation One Classics, but they are new to the Vita, and excellent titles worth picking up.



Julie W

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