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Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1, don’t find yourself in the dark



Kickstarter projects seem to have been quite a hit or miss lately.  People asking for money, with little to show for.  When I stumbled upon Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1, I could tell this project was going to be something special.

Luna Shattered Hearts, centralizes around two characters, Lithien and Dez.  As Lithien is the heart of the action and direction, Dez has the ability to revive you only if certain criteria is met.  In most games of this style, you are given a set amount of lives, or extra lives are found throughout the game.  With Luna Shattered Hearts, the only way to revive your character Lithien, is by keeping Dez at a certain level of happiness.

How do you keep her happy?

A special lighting system has been implemented into this game.  An orb follows your character around as a source of light.  However, this orb does not stay lit forever.  You have to continue to regenerate the orb, to see what’s around you.  Over time, this light can go out, and your game gets very dark.  If there are moments darkness, it will drop Dez’s level of happiness.  Additionally, there is also a love system.

As Daniel Gill states in the video:

“Another thing is I added a love system, where depending on what you do, different actions have an effect on how much she loves you. And, if you can get that up to a point, she’s going to gain the ability to revive you.

So, it’s something you’re always gonna want to do is keep her happy because you can’t get lives. You’re not gonna die, and just use a magic life to continue the game.  You’re dead.  The only way to really have a second chance is to keep her happy. And when she’s up to that level of happiness she’s gonna revive you from the dead.”  


Watch the official Kickstarter video here:



Luna Shattered Hearts will also feature the talent of Dan Reynolds as the sound lead, who previously won an award for his work in Monkey Island 2: Special Edition.

The backgrounds are all hand-drawn, which gives the game a very artistic feel.  Such a task does tend to make game development last longer, but seems to be worth it in the end.


I think Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1 could very well be the start of something great, and at the very least have a cult following behind it.  For $10 you get the release of the first episode when it comes out.  $25 gives you access to the first three episodes.

While the game seems to have a lot of promise, and has a lot to show for thus far, this is something I suspect will be a while before we see the full release.  It is the hopes of the developer Daniel Gill, for the game to be completed sometime in 2013.


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