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Limit Theory, an Open World Space Game on Kickstarter



It’s no secret that gamers love open world.  How well a game accomplishes an open world environment, is subjective at times, because everyone has a different play style.

Limit Theory is an open world game that takes gamers deep into space   Starting with only a single ship with no guidance or missions at the start of the game, everything is entirely up to the player.

According Josh Parnell, the sole creator for Limit Theory, in his Kickstarter feature video:

“No matter how many hours you play, no matter how much time you spend exploring, there’s actually always more to see.”

Basically the game is programmed to randomly generate a universe every time you start a new game, so that you don’t have the same world twice.

As this is a one man project by Josh Parnell, which includes all the programming and music, Limit Theory is a very ambitious Kickstarter.  Originally asking for $50,000, it has already far exceeded the asking funds, with weeks to go.

What’s so exciting about this game is the promise that this is truly an open world.  As I stated before, you start with one ship, but you can work that into owning an entire fleet.

This game is beautiful, and not just in a visual sense. 

When listening to one of the game’s scores composed by Josh Parnell, I tabbed into another window to do something else for a minute.  I eventually realized I still had the song playing in the background.  These easy to listen scores will be perfect for long play sessions while exploring deep space.  Listen for yourself to one of the scores composed by Josh.

The one thing that backers and supporters are hoping for with this release is multiplayer.  So far, Limit Theory is a single player game for the PC, with the hopes to be on Steam and eventually have Mac and Linux support.

For $20 you can get a DRM-free copy of the game.  However, it doesn’t plan to be released until early 2014.  Still, you can’t rush these things, as I’d prefer to wait then to have something slapped together.

This Kickstarter definitely stands out among the others, and I look forward to seeing more revealed in the coming months.


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