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Interview: Stacy Davidson of Warbird Games on Jack Houston and the Necronauts



On August 9th, 2012, a Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded for Jack Houston and the Necronauts by Warbird Games.  Jack Houston and the Necronauts is a point and click adventure set to be for PC/Mac around December 2013.  I got the opportunity to ask Stacy Davidson of Warbird Games, the lead game designer of Jack Houston and the Necronauts a few questions about the project.


Q.) First of all, how excited are you about reaching your funds?

Stacy: The moment I saw that the minimum goal had been reached, I felt like the campaign was a success. I felt like I could finally breathe. It was an amazing feeling.


Q.) Is there one game you can say in your younger years that highlights the  reason why you became a video game developer? What did you love about it?

Stacy: Donkey Kong, for some reason, was the first game I actually pictured designing and figuring out from the inside out. I also used to dissect every arcade and Nintendo game and remake them on the commodore. But truthfully, Space Quest IV was the one that got me drawing my own maps and designing my own game on paper for the first time. I loved point and click adventure games. 


Q.) How does this project differ from the Han Solo Adventures game you created, featured on The People vs George Lucas? Obviously Jack Houston is a bigger budget title, but is there any obvious differences or even, similarities to it?

Stacy: With Han, it’s almost as if I’ve been designing the game in character. Like, “let’s see, what would Ron Gilbert do? How would Tim Schafer handle this?”.  This time I can finally start to design a game in my own voice. I’m really excited.


Q.) You recently announced a second playable character in Jack Houston and the Nectronauts, which is a female. Is there anything you can tell us about her?

Stacy: I described her to our lead artist Patrick Reilly as “a female Han Solo with a bubble helmet”, and he nailed it right off the bat. Her wardrobe style is intentionally more advanced, as she comes from Jack’s future. It’s going to be fun revealing these bits of story over the coming months, but I don’t want to drop any spoilers so it’s a tricky line to walk.


Q.) The game is said to be released approximately December 2013, which is almost a full year way. At what development stage would you say the game is at?

Stacy: Right now I’m strictly in the pre-production stage. It’s a long, fun road ahead for sure.


Q.) Since this is a point and click adventure, will there be any form of combat or is this basically a story driven, exploration game?

Stacy: I’m not big on action sequences wedged into adventure games. But Jack does have a ray gun and he will definitely be using it! 


Q.) What kind of tone is Jack Houston projected to be? Dark / Horror, Comical, Mystery, a Mixed Bag?

Stacy: Gritty. Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Q.) If there was one thing that you would want people to know about Jack Houston and the Nectronauts, what would it be?

Stacy: Yes, I’d like to clarify that it will be stop motion, not claymation as has been reported a few times. Less like Wallace and Gromit, more like Clash of the Titans. :)


For more information on Jack Houston and the Necronauts, check out the official Warbird Games website, or follow them on Twitter.

If you would like to contribute to the project, additional funding through Paypal on the official site is also available if you missed out on their Kickstarter campaign.

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