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Indie Game Review Request


NOTICE: GO Critic is no longer an active site.  However, as long as you can read this, your emails do get sent to the website creator.  There is a chance your emails will still be read, and looked at, and even reviewed someplace else.  Essentially, someone is still reading your emails, but they will not be reviewed here on this particular site.


GO Critic is a fan of both Indie Game and big names alike.  Since we would like to extend our support to Indie Games, and all the hard work small teams put together, we would like to give an invitation to developers to submit a request for reviews.

Please fill out the submission form below to have your video game reviewed by us.


Requirements :

  • Must be published somewhere that we can obtain a copy such as Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, Apple Store, etc.  No attachments will be opened.
  • Must fill out the form properly, and be part of the development or publishing team.
  • No X-Rated, adult games will be reviewed.

We are open to any platform, or genre, just as long as it’s accessible somewhere for us to download and purchase.  If you have a download code, don’t send it to us until we have agreed to review it.  But let us know in the Game Summary or in a separate email if you have one available.

Once we accept a game to review, expect the review live in approximately 2 weeks.  We spend a lot of time on each game before giving it a review, so be patient.

Only one submission every 3 months, per game, please.

Any game that is broken and unplayable will still be reviewed as such and possibly given a very low score.  All reviews are final, so please don’t submit until your game is playable.

Thanks!  We look forward to your submission.


Please fill out the submission form below.




Julie W

Julie W
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