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Featured Cover Musician – Marc Papeghin, Final Fantasy IX Medley



For this new column, talented cover musicians found from all over the world will be interviewed in a little Q & A.  When reading Jarrett’s, “Revisiting the Classics – Final Fantasy IX” I was inspired to go out and listen to some of the music from the game.  The music is breathtaking, and some of the best you’ll find in the Final Fantasy series.  For any of you who have played the game should know what I mean.

Which Final Fantasy IX songs are my favorite?  Well perhaps “Melodies of Life”, “Protecting My Devotion”, or “You’re Not Alone”.  Although it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite.  I also like Quina’s theme song a lot, because just the melody itself describes the hilarity and quirkiness of his / her character.  Did we ever establish if Quina was a he or a she?  I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Through my browsing of a long list of Final Fantasy IX songs,  I found Marc Papeghin, and his video titled, “The Epic Final Fantasy IX Medley.”

This medley, uploaded July 1st 2012, is over 18 minutes long featuring exclusively him playing all the instruments you hear.

Whether your favorite song is, “The Skies of Alexandra”, “Sleepless City Treno”, or any of the other classic songs from the game, there is much enjoyment to be had from listening to Marc Papeghin’s cover medley of Final Fantasy IX.

Note: The songs in this medley are composed by Nobuo Uematsu.


Here’s the video below.


Completely moved by his talent, (I mean c’mon, listen to that piano and french horn), I contacted Marc so that readers could be get to know a little about him.


What are all the instruments you can play?

Marc:  French horn, trumpet, electric & acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums and a bunch of other little instruments such as flutes, melodica, tambourine..


Which instrument is your focus and how many years have you been playing it? 

Marc: My main instrument has always been the french horn. I started it at 8 and am now 27 so it’s been almost 20 years !


Which song was the most challenging one to cover?

Marc: I recorded some covers of the progressive metal band Dream Theater, which is very technical music, not meant to be played by a french horn at all.  If we’re talking video game music, it would be the final boss themes.  Tricky time signatures and fast tempo, but I like that.


Was there ever a song or a composer that inspired you the most?

Marc: That would be John Williams and Nobuo Uematsu.


From the Final Fantasy IX Medley you did in July, it features quite a long list of songs. Which one is your favorite to play, or just favorite song in general? 

Marc: Hard to choose only one, this soundtrack is just so perfect ! I’d say, “Bran Bal” or “Pandemonium”.


You’ve done a lot of video game covers, what games have you been playing recently? If any.

Marc: It’s been hard to find some time to play recently…last game was L.A. Noire on PS3 And I have yet to tackle FFXIII-2,  (only Final Fantasy I haven’t played so far ) Can’t wait!


Any future projects or covers you can tell us about?

Marc: About current projects, there is a new Final Fantasy medley in the works, which is going to be a bit different from the others.. I hope to have it released by December or so!



I appreciated this medley not only because the songs are spot on, and gives that nostalgic feeling right back from the days of playing Final Fantasy IX, but also that he plays every single instrument.

Marc Papeghin also has played other scores from other soundtracks including, Back to the Future and  Star Wars.  In another medley he arranged in, Tribute to Film Music it includes songs from movies such as: Willy Wonka, The Magnificent Seven, Mulan, Up, Lord of the Rings and many more.  Another listen well worth your time by Marc Papeghin.

To listen to more songs or subscribe to his Youtube channel, follow the link here.


Do you have an artistic talent that you use to express your love for video games? 


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