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I want to write for you guys, how can I get in?

We are currently looking for only a couple of writers. This is a freelance, nonpaying job, but does have its perks. There will be more information on requirements later, but for now you can send your queries here. We are looking for a special group of people who not only love games, but have a talent for writing.

We keep an actual low number of “staff” members but are always open to guest posts.  Follow the link here for guest postings.


I am an Indie Game Developer. Will you review my game?

We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the submission form here. Feel free to request a certain reviewer as well. Take a look at our staff page.


Do you do podcasts or livestreams?

We are looking to do a weekly, short podcast in the future if we find the right team. As for Livestreams, we do not have anyone interested in that at this time, but will look into it if there is interest. If this is something you’d like to do for our website, please fill out in the “Write for Us” section.


I want to be a guest blogger / artists / podcaster but don’t want to be a staff member.

If you have a piece you really want to put on our site, as a one time feature contact us in a generic contact form and submit your query idea. As far as artists go, if you have awesome fan art you want featured on our site, and / or linked back to your portfolio or deviantART page, we’ll take a look and work something out.

For all queries, submit to editors [at] go-critic [dot] com


I’m stuck on a boss. Help!!

We do not do tutorials or walkthroughs. There are other websites that are awesome at that.


My comment was edited or deleted!

As we use a 3rd party comment system, there are chances that things can get lost on their end.  As we love feedback from readers and believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, (we are in this gaming world together, ya know) there are certain things we don’t tolerate.  Name calling, personal attacks, and a high level of explicit language will not be tolerated.

Trolls will not be tolerated, nor will comments that simply say, “You’re stupid.” etc.

Not everyone is going to agree with each other.  That’s perfectly okay.  But if a comment says nothing more than a personal attack, it will be removed.  If you feel strongly on an opinion, contact us and maybe you can do a guest post.


What do you guys cover?

We write game, some movie, and anime reviews here, alongside of editorials and blog like posts.  Occasionally we post screenshots, and rare news posts.  We also talk about science fiction, fantasy, manga, comics, and graphic novels on our sub-domain which was launched at the end of August.  Check out GO Critic Books here.