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5 Hidden Gems at E3 2012


There were a lot of games that got a ton of hype like Call of Duty Black Ops II, The Last of Us, and Resident Evil 6. But there were several games that stood out to me where the lines were short to nonexistent, had less coverage than some of the big names, but the gameplay was fantastic. I already talked about Final Fantasy Theatrhythm in another post, and stated it to be the best of E3, so I will not go on talking about that one. Instead, here is a list of 5 games (in no particular order) that I felt were the hidden gems of E3 2012.

Note: Release Dates are based on the North American date.


Heroes of Ruin for 3DS

(Release Date: July 17th, 2012)

This game had little to no line any time I approached it. This game is a basic hack ‘n slash for the 3DS, but also allows users to play together with up to four players. Not only that, but you can seemlessly jump in and out out of other people’s game. A multiplayer hack n slash is always welcomed to a system that so far has so few. It integrates both StreetPass and SpotPass technology.  With StreetPass you can trade items with other players and unlock new equipment.  What’s also neat about this game is the achievement system.  Players can receive and complete different quests and tasks sent to their 3DS everyday.  Heroes of Ruin is developed by n-Space and published by Square-Enix.


SunFlowers for Vita

(Release Date: TBA)

Oh, SunFlowers, how you stole my soul during E3. I was getting tired of the lines so I jumped on a Vita that had no one paying attention to. The game immediately captured my attention. Basically you control the Sun with the touch screen on the back, and then shoot rays of light down at the flowers below. Shoot a direct hit on the flower, and you scorch the flower to death. But if you shoot the ray of light directly over a cloud, the ray turns into a drop of rain. The rain will the then help the flower grow. There are different levels of difficulty to the game. Storm clouds cause your ray of light to turn into lightning. I returned to SunFlowers multiple times when I just wanted to break away from the crowds and have some good, clean fun. It’s a cutesy game for sure, and utilizes every function of the Playstation Vita.  It is played holding the Vita console vertically, not horizontally which felt weird at first, but is easy to adapt to. SunFlowers is by The Game Atelier the creators of Flying Hamster.


Dishonored for PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

(Release Date: Oct 9th, 2012)

Prior to E3 I had never heard of this game. This is the exact opposite of the clean fun I mentioned with SunFlowers. Dishonored puts you in control of Corvo Atano, a once bodyguard for the Empress. Being framed for her murder, he goes forth to try to set the record straight. It’s a first person, stealth, action-adventure. In Dishonored, the player can complete any given mission how they choose. Whether you’re more into stealth, or just action pack fun full of grenades, gadgets, swords, and guns, Dishonored appeals to players of all types. It’s definitely not for the light at heart. The setting is a Steampunk style, and the player is given all sorts of equipment and abilities to use. I was completely impressed by the presentation of this game, and was surprisingly one of the most memorable games I saw at E3. Dishonored is developed by Arcane Studios and published by Bethesda.


Code of Princess for 3DS

(Release Date: Fall 2012)

For those of you who like games like Guardian Heroes, look no further. Though I don’t see anything too different about the gameplay that I haven’t seen in games before in the short demo I played of Code of Princess, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The visuals are beautiful while the story has a sort of charm behind it you don’t see in every game. In Code of Princess, you play as the Princess who has a kind heart and hates fighting. Despite that, she is the only hope to save the world. I recall a line of dialog that went along the lines of, “Can’t we just all hug?” (not exact word for word quote) by the Princess while the others had to remind her you can’t hug your way through battle. Code of Princess will also feature up to four players in cooperative or competitive play. Those who preorder Code of Princess will get a Sound & Visual book. Code of Princess is published by Atlus. Continue here for more screenshots.


Metro: Last Light for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3

(Release Date: 2013)

Right off the bat during the live demo, one could see how haunting and captivating Metro: Last Light will be. The game has a sense of urgency as a player must pay attention to their oxygen tank, recharge their flash light, wipe the blood and gore off their gas mask, in addition to all the surprises each twist and turn provides. Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro: 2033 and is a post-apocalyptic survival horror / action game developed by 4A Games and published by THQ. Even as someone who isn’t normally interested in survival horror, I was immediately enthralled by the story and all the high stress and tension situations Metro: Last Light presents. This game will definitely be something to keep on your radar in the future months.


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