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Two Brothers – Crowd Funding Pick


When browsing through all the current campaigns running, a little gem caught my eye. Two Brothers is an action, adventure role-playing game by AckkStudios.  AckkStudios is an independent production studio that works on animation, comics, and video games.

For those of you who loved their Gameboy, and miss the good old days, Two Brothers is about to bring those feelings back.

For starters, here is their first official trailer:

It is set to be for PC, Mac and Xbox 360, however other platforms will also be explored as an option depending on funding and game’s reception once it is released.

The story behind Two Brothers is just as it sounds. It is about two brothers named Roy Guarder and Bivare. The two are on a journey to find new colors on the earth. Using color and nostalgic feel of retro games as a method of telling the story is not only clever, but also makes me hunger to know more.

Two Brothers will also include the ability to make choices throughout the game through emoticons that will result in different reactions from characters. There will be puzzles, action, and RPG elements.


Asking for only $6,000 to complete this project, AckkStudios has almost reached its goal. As of September 2nd, 2012, with 24 days to go, they are at $5,101. The price point they are asking for is a very modest price, and with its strong start, it is sure to be funded.

Rewards for backing Two Brothers on Kickstarter includes: posters, a copy of the game (both physical and digital), soundtrack, and also being able to get an NPC in your likeness or a monument in the game.

I am very excited to see the outcome of Two Brothers. This could very well be the game to bring you back to memory lane, while introducing a new story, characters, and world.  Now if there was just a way to put this game on a retro handheld console, my gaming life would almost be complete.

Edit Update: Two Brothers has already reached its $6,000 goal even with over 3 weeks left.

Edit Update: #2: Two Brothers has reached multiple stretch goals.


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