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Jack Houston and the Necronauts – Crowd Funding Pick


Bubble helmets, rayguns? Yes, please.

Jack Houston and the Necronauts is a point and click science fiction adventure, that will initially be for the PC with limited Linux support. If it reaches its stretch goal, then it will move on to iPad and Android tablets soon after launch.

Jack Houston and the Necronauts is being developed by Warbird Games with a talented line up of sound, art, design, and programming veterans. Though the project seems very ambitious, they are only asking for a modest $56,000 on Kickstarter to complete the project. There are stretch goals in order to enhance the game further, (such as expanding the platforms once $90,000 is reached) and some pretty nice rewards to go along with it.

However, expect to pay top dollar for some of these rewards, such as $6,000 to receive a Limited Edition Jack Houston 12″ Statue, numbered and signed, along with your face in the opening sequence of the film. At $100, backers can receive the boxed Special Edition of the game with posters, original soundtrack, featurettes on creating the game, alongside of 4 download codes.

The story focuses on the character, Jack Houston, recruited by Venture Aeronautics and Space Transportation (VAST) corporation for one last mission. After setting off to Venus, disaster strikes, sending him crash landing and into a 1,000 year slumber. Upon waking up he finds himself in a dangerous setting. The creatures can build on corpses, turning them into dangerous, and indestructible entities. Not only must Jack uncover the truths of the Necronauts, but learn about the world that has changed since he last was on Earth. The story also sounds as if it will feature multiple characters, with different chapters of story lines. As Jack Houston and the Necronauts is to be a pulp sci-fi, the story telling would be similar to that of a pulp-fiction with different time lines and characters, eventually interacting.

Though they haven’t made anything official on whether it would be on Steam or not, they aren’t putting it out of the question. However, Warbird Games wants to focus on the project itself first and foremost, but will look into it in the future. What we can expect from Jack Houston and the Necronauts is nothing less (and even more) than a breath of fresh air. The game will not include any DRM or DLC. Meaning, when you receive the download code of the game, not only is the game yours with no strings attached, you also get the game in its entirety. What this means is, though there may be add-on missions in the future there will be no such as thing as Digitally Licensed Content that is already loaded and installed on your game, but you need the code to unlock it.

What we can expect from Jack Houston and the Necronauts is nothing less (and even more) than a breath of fresh air.

Lately a lot of games have come out with DLC on launch day. Many of you even notice how the download itself of such content is small in size. Why? Because you already have it on the disk. The content was made, ready, and packaged when you purchased it. Essentially a lot of this DLC is a hidden cost to consumers after buying what you thought to be the full product.

Jack Houston and the Necronauts, and Warbird Games as a whole does not believe in such DRM and DLC practices. As a result, you get the full game and all the contents you paid for right from the get go.

Quoted from the official Kickstarter Page, Stacy Davidson states:

“And no, we will not, now or EVER, introduce any Digitally Licensed Content of any kind. When you get the game, you get the WHOLE game. And everyone who gets the game, gets the SAME version.
No jerking players around with DLC or DRM. Ever.”

Of course as a continued die hard fan of science fiction books, movies, and games, there was more to Jack Houston and the Necronauts that stood out ot me than just the genre. The game trailer with some of the gameplay footage gave that sense of isolation and danger, where there was no telling what was around the corner. Perhaps it won’t have action packed cinematics, but the potential return on atmosphere, mystery, and wonderment could make this game a true work of art that will be remembered and cherished by many.

Stacy was also interviewed a series of eleven questions by Hideo Kuze which was shared on the Kickstarter Update page:

Hideo Kuze:

Q: “Pulp fiction/magazines is sometimes remembered by their exploitative stories or the overly dramatic art cover. Is this “cheesy” aspect something you’ll be trying to capture in the game?”

Stacy Davidson:

A: “My take on pulp sci-fi is dark, gritty and unflinching. Zero cheese.”



Warbird Games is also “Kicking it Forward” which means 5% of their funding will go towards other projects of their choosing. At $56,000 of their asking price this means they are willing to spend at least $2,800 on other projects, if not more, which is a nice way to continue funding towards the Kickstarter community.

This is a project to keep an eye on. I support any game studio that wants to introduce better practices with DRM and DLC. And of course, they have some awesome talent and ideas to boot.

On the date of this writing, Jack Houston and the Necronauts is nearly funded at $40,231.

Check out some of the concept art below.

As always, if you believe in a project and do not have the funds to back it up, tell your friends about it, tweet about it, or just drop them comments along the way of your support.

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