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Angry Birds Trilogy 3DS Review



Developer: Exient Entertainment, Housemarque, Rovio

Publisher: Activision

Genre: Puzzle

Platform: Nintendo 3DS


Many of you have already played Angry Birds, but for those of you that haven’t, the Angry Birds Trilogy is a good opportunity to finally get your hands on it. The beauty of the Angry Birds franchise is that it can be appreciated by the hardcore and casual gamers alike, making this an easy one to recommend to just about anyone.

However, is it worth spending the higher price point for games you can get for a considerably less price on your phone?  This review and score is based on the 3DS version of Angry Birds Trilogy since the controls are very different on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Angry Birds Trilogy offers three games, the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. While this may seem like a nice little packaged deal, each of the three games are practically identical to one another. The difference being is the graphic skins for each of the levels.

The basic concept of the game, for those of you who have never played before, is that you load a bird onto a sling shot, and launch them over to eliminate and destroy a group of pigs and their fortification. These structures can actually be used against the pigs, if you launch your bird just right.



In each of the three games you start out with the same bird, then gradually progress to birds that have different functions. The red bird has no basic abilities, and is the starting bird for each of these games. Eventually you move onto the blue birds. The blue ones split into three when you tap on the screen. The yellow bird makes a dive bomb at a great speed when tapping the screen. The red, blue, and yellow are probably my favorite birds, but many more are playable, each with a separate function.

As the game progresses, it introducing a new bird and explains how to use them . It’s your job to make use of their special abilities for every scenario presented.  The game pre-determines which birds you must use in order to complete the level.

The game starts off extremely easy, and progressively gets more challenging, almost to the point of complete frustration. Still, once you actually complete a level there is sense of achievement. There have been times I have launched my last bird, completely missed the last of the pigs, and yet somehow either from the bird rolling over just right or a block landing on the pig’s head, I manage to complete the level.

Getting stuck on a level farther into the game seems more common than not, but the addictive gameplay keeps you going for at least, just one more level.

The trilogy really doesn’t introduce anything new to Angry Birds. There are a few added cutscenes, and upgraded visuals, but it is basically a straight up port collection. For each level you earn points. And it grades you on a three star scale. This would probably be the only real replay value of the game, is trying to better your previous score.



Visually of the three, I liked Angry Birds Seasons. All the different seasons and holiday graphics were a fun added touch that I appreciated beyond the standard skins.  However, the 3DS visuals are nothing to be excited about.  I turned the 3D effect on for just a few minutes, and saw that this game just didn’t look as nice as I thought it could have compared to other 3DS games.  I ended up turning off the 3D effect and playing the rest of the game without it.  So, for anyone thinking of getting Angry Birds Trilogy for 3DS for the sole reason of having it in 3D, should really reconsider.

Overall though, the colorful graphics look superb on the 3DS.  Using the 3DS XL for this game just makes it that much more visually appealing.

The sounds are pretty basic. There is a jingle during the title screens, but during the actual gameplay there is only bird sounds and the crash-bang when they come into contact with the structures. It does what it means to do well, but there is nothing really notable on this front.

I played the trilogy on the 3DS, and greatly appreciated the controls for this. Angry Birds Trilogy runs perfectly on the touch screen and stylus and is probably the strongest platform for the game. I never got the chance to play this on the Xbox or PlayStation 3, but to me the game isn’t really meant for either. Originally this game was developed for touch screens on Android and iOS, so I believe the 3DS is a perfect adaptation of this.

You use the stylus to pull back the sling shot and launch the bird.  The stylus can also be used to drag the screen around or magnify an area to your liking.  The controls for the 3DS were never frustrating and felt natural to the mechanics of the game.  On the top screen of the 3DS you see the whole game area.  You can use the stylus to drag this area around, using the bottom screen.  Drag up and down to zoom in or out, and drag side to side for panning the area.

Angry Birds Trilogy will definitely give you hours of fun for one play through of all the games, however at full price the question really relies on how big of an Angry Birds fan you are, or think you will be. While the game does what it intends to do well, there seems to be little to no variation between the three games in this trilogy to really feel like you are getting the bang for your buck. I was able to complete a full playthrough of a single game in over an hour, and that was including my road blocks and frustrations.

Kids and adults will definitely appreciate this game, both finding great value in the fun factor, but may find the challenges during the last area of the game daunting. However, the game is by far not impossible, as this should not deter you from buying it. Just be prepared that its not all fun and games when defeating a fortification of pigs, it may take some actual strategy.  But, to me that’s a good thing.

If you can play these games on your phone or tablets for the original pricing, I would still go that route. However, if you never got the chance to play these games because you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, then this is a worthy game to try out. The price point still,  seems a little high since it’s not introducing an exclusive mode or new game to this trilogy.

All in all, the Angry Birds Trilogy is a solid game, with hours of fun, and average replay value.


Overall: 79%

Pros: Fun, casual gameplay for gamers of all types, Colorful graphics, Addictive concept

Cons: Not enough hours of playtime for the price, Can be purchased for much less for smartphones & tablets, 3D visuals could have improved


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