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GO Critic is a geek blog, with the primary focus around video games and game culture.  We also touch up on topics of anime, science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and science.




The website was established in April 2012, and was primarily a video game review website.  Then on August 2012, the books sub-domain was added on.  As with any website, it sometimes takes time to find its true voice.

Around October 2012, GO Critic stopped accepting new writers and started to refocus the site.  (New writers will be accepted on a rare instance depending on if they are active in the community or a referral of a current writer.)

With so many game websites covering news and blasting press releases, we decided to focus on the games themselves, those that make them and play them.  Since gamers tend to have an array of interest such as science, movies, epic fantasy novels, Japanese culture, anime, we will be shifting the site as all things encompassing the gamer culture.

We are open to guest posters and reviewers.

GO Critic is looking to build a community around game appreciation and culture.


Our Current Columns


Revisiting the Classics – Replaying a retro game, and reviewing it.  At the end of this article, we mention if this game is worth going back to play, or if it should be passed up on.

Restrospective – Remembering a classic game, and the story behind purchasing it, playing it for the first time, and all the memories behind it.  Also can sometimes focus on the history of the game and company.

Crowd Funding Pick – A once a week or every other week column.  Combing through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and 8bitfunding, this column focuses on noteworthy projects we think you should know about and/or fund.


Our Reviews


Our reviews, though published on the site, reflect the individual author’s opinion and not the site as a whole. In general, before buying a game we believe that consumers should look at a lot of different reviews before purchasing. We know not everyone is going to agree with our reviews, and that is okay. The point behind reviews is to get a glimpse of a game from many angles before forking over a lot of money for a game. Check out our review archive.

On occasion we may receive a review copy in return for a review. But we will still always give you our honest opinions, no matter what.




Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We promise not to spam you, as we only choose at most, 2 posts a day to feature. Sometimes, we even give you a break from us. We don’t want our relationship to get too smothering, do we?

We also have a Steam group that you can join here.


Write With Us


Since we are not a hit seeking site, we do not require you to post a lot, just that what you do post, actually has a lot of thought put behind it.

Currently we are not seeking new writers, but instead Guest Posters.  If you want to become a permanent member, the best thing to do is add us on Facebook or Twitter and become part of the community, and make thoughtful comments.  Guest posts are also a good way to become a member of the staff.


Book Authors or Short Story Writers


If you are looking to do a giveaway through the site, want us to feature an excerpt of your book, or post a short story you think would be related to the site, contact us.  Exclusive short stories will receive minor compensation if they are accepted.


Score Break Down:


In the grand scheme of things, scores are hard to go by.  The content of a game and what the reviewer has to say about the game, good or bad should be taken into account over the score.  However, this is just a rough idea of what to expect from a score.

  • Below 50% – Unplayable, terrible, and possibly broken
  • 50% – 60% – Not recommended
  • 60 – 70% – May have an appeal to a small audience, but has bad mechanics, and could have been a lot better.
  • 70 – 80% – Recommended, with likeable qualities
  • 80  90% – A very good game, and shouldn’t be passed up
  • 90% + One of the best games on the market

Each review and editorial is written by an individual and does not reflect the site as a whole.