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800 Xbox Microsoft Points Giveaway [Closed]



This is just one of several giveaways we will be doing for the month of September and October.

Each may be done differently, so please read the requirements of each.

For this one, we will be giving away 800 MSP for the Xbox 360.  Sign up for giveaway ends September 30th, 2012 at 11:59p.m central.  Winner announced Monday morning October 1st.

To enter, there is a couple of things to do.

1) Add us on Twitter or Facebook (or both)

2) Fill out the submission form so we can properly notify the winner and know who you are.

3) That’s it!

You can fill out, (if you’d like) what type of giveaway you’d like to see next.  It doesn’t have to be downloadable only titles.  I’m very interested in sending shirts, plushies, physical copies, or anything in the like, provided there’s interest!

If you’re already following us, awesome!  Just let us know your name or Twitter handle.  This contest is for new and veteran followers alike!

You are not required to fill out both Twitter or Facebook, but at least one must be filled so we can confirm the entree guidelines has been followed.

Filling this form out does not put you on any subscription list.  This form sends an email to contests [at] go-critic.com which is where all the incoming and outgoing contest emails are sent through.  You will never receive an email from us, unless we’re trying to notify you that you won!

We also have a Steam group for anyone interested in finding a group to join.  We have several dozen members so far.

On your way out, check out a few articles and leave us a comment.


Icky Contest Rules

Eligibility: Must fill out the entry form as stated to be eligible to win.  Family or household members of staff of GO Critic are not eligible to win.

Entry Period: The start and end date is as described above and must be followed in order to be entered to win.

Odds:  The odds of winning solely depends on how many people enter to win.

Requirement of the winner:  Winners will be notified in an email, announced on the site, and potentially Twitter if their handle was given.  Winner must then respond within 48 hours, or the winnings will go another entree.

Release: By entering our contests you are giving consent to GO Critic to announce your name as a winner.  Your email address will never be revealed and by entering you will never be put on a mailing list.


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